I Am Andrew Frank
UX/Product Designer & Wannabe Astronaut

I Tell Stories & Make Things

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Hey There

I am a mash up of design, code, and magic—I’m actually part unicorn and a champion of storytelling. I play a multitude of instruments and really want to lip sync battle you. I’ve got moves like Spiderman, so you better bring your A Game.

My Dojo

Andrew's Dojo
Andrew's Dojo
My Dojo
My Dojo

On A More Serious Note

I am a 26 going on 27 year old designer, storyteller & sometimes developer from Cleveland, Ohio, currently working as a Product Designer at Lift1428 in Chattanooga, TN. And as I mentioned before, a fully-fledged wannabe astronaut. I’m a space nerd, and I’m OK with it.

I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2012 with my BFA in Communication Design and started working full time prior to graduation at a full-service advertising and interactive shop called Recess Creative for nearly three years, where I racked up oodles of W3 Awards, Communicator Awards, Addy Awards, a Davey award or two, and a couple of OMMA Awards.

After leaving Recess Creative in October of 2014 to pursue new design challenges in new places, I decided to take a break from professional life for several months and do some freelance and soul–searching; I spent a brief time in South Carolina as an Art Director at Erwin Penland which I made the hard decision to leave and pursue product design full-time. I decided it was time to focus on one thing and make it wonderful, as well as stretch my brain a bit.

My Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is heavily rooted in the teachings of 19th century educator, psychologist and philosopher, John Dewey. His focus, as far as art and design are concerned, are of the nature of experience, emotion & memory. I have adopted many of his teachings as part of my own design process.

A little more about how I approach design would actually be quite a long story. I recommend reading Atmosphere & Intellect, a blog post I wrote a while back to see the manner in which I think. If you hate it, I’ll give you your money back ; ).

Other than that, I am mainly concerned with User Experience, Interaction and Experiential Design, and how humans engage with interaction of all types of artifacts in any given environment. I am very lucky to be able to see many facets as a project develops and adapt as needed. I think that intelligence is just as important as creativity, you should tell at least three or four jokes a day, and never take anything super serious to the point of not having fun.