Honeybucket RWD Website

Honeybucket is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s finest up and coming musical acts. These whiskey drinkin’, newgrass playin’ sons of guns came to me to design and develop a new website for them. The story behind this project is one to compliment their latest recordings and releases. From the get go I insisted on this not only being a beautifully designed RWD site, but a fully functional music player so visitors could get the full Honeybucket experience while browsing. We integrate with Honeybucket’s Soundcloud account to capture play counts, and urge visitors of the site to purchase the band’s music directly from the music player through iTunes and Bandcamp, as well as add them to your favorites at the click of a button on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Honeybucket’s fan base is super passionate, they call themselves Bucketheads#buckethead for fans to tag and follow, as well as a means for the band to track and repost images their fans. This truly gives a cultural look behind the band’s music and lives early 90’s VH1 Behind The Music style.

I suggest grabbing your favorite whiskey, scotch or bourbon and let the soulful, boot stompin’ tunes navigate you around this wonderful new website. Site launching early 2015 along with a brand new release from Honeybucket.


Honeybucket RWD



About Page


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Sourcing Images From Instagram

Honeybucket is very active on social media, and something we discussed early on in the process was how to bring some of that fan interaction into the site. We decided on pulling in a curated collection of Instagram images that the band regrams or originally posts from their account.


Bucket Radio

Bucket radio is great. Not only does it allow you to listen to Honeybucket tracks as you browse, but it records the play count for each song in the playlist via Soundcloud’s API, and directs users to a multitude of places to purchase Honeybucket’s music.


Upcoming Shows

The Shows page of the site uses the Bandsintown API to track upcoming shows, and allows people to comment on the upcoming shows with their Facebook login right from the page.


Music & The CMS

This site is built on the CMS WordPress—the best and most customizable CMS IMO. I beefed up the customizability for the band by using the Advanced Custom Fields (much much love to ACF, also my initials FTW) so they can moderate and update pages from one page, instead of pulling in the information from child pages to populate content. For Example, when Honeybucket releases their next album, they simply need to go to the Music page on the admin side of WordPress, and click a button to add to their discography. They can then enter the tracks and select where the music can be purchased with just a couple more clicks.


Mobile Homepage & Navigation

Plain and simple, RWD is the best. I love it, and when this site goes live, you need to check it out for two reasons: 1. Awesome Newgrass Tunes & 2: Super fun and intuitive design.