Infinity does not exist. As a race, humans look towards an ultimatum—something that defines all and encompasses all of our questions and queries. But, to be honest, infinity cannot possibly exist. There is no knowledge that wraps everything into something recognizable and understandable, that wholly and completely defines one thing. Things are finite, as are all experiences and engagements.

Context Is Everything

Life is really about finding fulfillment, a search for a reason for our actions. Rarely, are our reasons logical, but rather based on intuition, or an inexplicable condition that humans feel rather than know. I sometimes wish there was a universal understanding of the human emotion, so that we may understand the motives and reasons behind all of our actions. We live, we dream, but rarely do we take the time to explain our reasoning. This is unfortunate.

An Example

I am writing this on an iPad, in HTML mode rather than a rich text editor. Why? Because it resonates with how I am feeling emotionally. I feel I need to burden myself in every possible way as some sort of punishment or repentance for something I may or may not have done. I am not thinking as these words manifest, they are just flowing—a true rumination. The reason for this rumination, it doesn't really matter? All that matters is that this is happening.

So I Challenge You

Look for infinity, for it is the ultimate goal. Many may call it a higher power—spirituality, belief or your own brand of values to follow. But ask yourself, are my beliefs infinite? Are they unbreakable and true? I truly hope they are. I hope you find good, happiness and whatever else you may believe in this world, because that truly is what matters.

Have a drink, or six, and then ponder all of this. It has led me to this writing upon infinity. I don't currently believe infinity, in any capacity, exists. But intuition, and furthermore, hope, wants it to.

Life is hard and impossible to understand from one moment. Logic, rationale, and intuition are all simultaneously butting up against eachother. I hope, for the never ending search for infinity to be found, but infinity is never the same for anyone. Good luck to anyone up for this trial. I wish you well, and I hope I retain that same hope.

P.S., I'm a pessimist.